The right approach to recruitment

Neil Young is a Strategic Advisor to Collins Property Recruitment. Neil has 25+ years’ experience of working in residential property, including as CEO of Get Living, taking it from a start up to a £2bn / 8,000 home rental business. Neil has served on many Industry Boards, including currently sitting on the Government’s Build to Rent Committee. Neil is Investment Chair at his firm Young, where he invests in and advises businesses.

I've been advising Collins Property Recruitment for 18 months. Barry and I have known each other for almost 20 years. It's fascinating to see how he and his business operate. I have experience in the sector, both in recruiting staff and as CFO/COO of an Executive Search business in 2000.

Some people see agents as a necessary evil, but that's unfair to agents who genuinely care about their role. Getting to know them reveals their dedication. I've been impressed with Barry and his team’s focus on delivering the best candidates to clients.

Efficiency isn't just the responsibility of agents. Candidates and clients should also act appropriately. It's surprising when clients take weeks to schedule an interview with a great candidate, or when a candidate takes a long time to respond to an interview request. Both parties should aim to be efficient and make a good impression.

What does it say to a candidate when a client can't arrange an appointment promptly, or when a candidate delays responding? It's common decency to reply. Outside of work, we're accustomed to fast responses through apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Twitter. Let's reflect that immediacy in the recruitment process. It's a partnership, and it's not just about the interview but also about conduct throughout the process.

The first sales agent I hired worked at Winkworth. I chose him because he always followed through on his promises. Even if there was no progress, he'd still update me. That left an impression. When Young London won our first award, I was asked why, and I said, "Because we call people back."

As a candidate or client, you could contribute to the process and impress the other party. Even if you have the upper hand, you should still strive to make a good impression. The need for speed is comparable to a property sale. As a sales agent, you want both the buyer and seller to be responsive. The same applies to recruitment.

Next time you're in a recruitment process, prioritize working closely with the agent. You may be about to hire your next star agent, Lettings Manager, or future CEO. You want them to have a positive memory of the recruitment process, just like Barry does.

Thank you to Neil Young for providing this valuable industry insight.

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