Take the time to get to know your recruiter.

The importance of having an ongoing and trusted relationship with a specialist recruiter within the industry cannot be overstated. A good recruiter understands not only the hard skills that are necessary to succeed in a particular field, but also the subtle nuances of the industry, such as social dynamics and current trends.

This blog explores the benefits of having an ongoing relationship with a specialist recruiter, both for candidates and employers.

Benefits for employers

Having an ongoing relationship with a specialist recruiter can lead to a far more efficient recruitment processes.  This approach allows them to work with a recruiter who really knows their business and their requirements.  They can ask the right questions to help determine exactly who is needed and how this person can add value.  They will not be afraid to suggest ideas and will work more as a ‘partner’ throughout the whole recruitment process.  A recruiter who works consistently with an employer will better understand the needs of their business, so will therefore be best placed to support them.  This will minimise the time an employer wastes speaking with numerous recruitment agencies and also interviewing unsuitable candidates. 

Benefits for job seekers

For job seekers, having a trusted relationship with a recruiter often leads to a better outcome as the process is tailored to their individual needs and goals.  In recruitment, it is not just a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  A good recruiter should take the time to get to know each candidate personally; not just what skills and experience they possess but what makes them unique.  If they really know the candidates than they are able to drill down into why employers should hire them over a rival applicant.  They will also consider their values and personality to ensure they are a good fit with any future employer.  

 A specialist recruitment partner will also offer personal support throughout the entire process.  They can help with everything from providing feedback on CVs and cover letters, to offering guidance during interviews and when negotiating offers.  They can spec candidates into employers who aren’t actively recruiting, if they know they have the skills and cultural fit that they generally look for. 

They will act more a recruitment mentor, and the fact that they have formed a strong relationship with the employer will also work in a candidate’s favour.  They can provide useful insight into the company and help a candidate understand a potential employer’s expectations. This can make all the difference when finding meaningful work that a candidate will really enjoy doing!


As a business, Collins Property Recruitment focus on forming relationships with clients and candidates, as we truly understand the benefits.  Our purpose is to enable talent and businesses to meet and do great things together and to achieve this we invest time and energy into understanding our clients, the market and our candidates’ character and competencies.  Every relationship we build is established on foundations for lasting connections.  

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