Survival of the Fittest

Despite common belief, based on what you may read online and/or discuss with your colleagues, market-leading London residential property companies (our clients) are still eager to get the best employees on board.

GOOD talent is always in demand, even though the market is tough at the moment. Or, this toughness may simply be the new norm! So, if you're not one of those candidates always in demand, then you simply have to adapt! Longing for the comparative healthiness of the industry in years gone by is futile; things have changed, and you simply have to make even more of an effort to impress and succeed. As everyone knows, the market is never static, and complaining won't keep you on the bronco.

But for the best candidates, nothing has changed. Fewer hires simply indicate that clients want better and better people, so if you're highly skilled and have a noteworthy track-record, you'll always find an opening. The industry is tough (and so it should be), but it isn't unfair, and real talent is always in demand.

In connection with this, we're always looking for skilled, capable and professional individuals - in fact, now more than ever. So, if you know anyone who might be interested in a new opportunity, reach out to us and refer them for a £300 fee for you, and an exciting new job for them.

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