Being part of a Professional Body and what that means for your business?

In October 2022, we were delighted to learn we had been accepted as an APSCo (Association of Professional Staffing Companies.) member. APSCo is the Professional body for recruitment and to be accepted we were required to undergo over twenty quality reference checks across our operations with both clients and candidates. We were also required to commit to a strict code of professional conduct.  Being accepted as an APSCo member is a huge achievement as membership is only granted to firms who can demonstrate that they understand legal and regulatory obligations and that they are working to best practice recruitment standards. 

Being an APSCo member means that our clients can be assured they are partnering with a professional recruitment firm, who understands their market and who is committed to excellence.  

This accreditation got us talking more generally about the benefits to your business of being part of a trade or professional body and what membership practically means to your clients?

Being part of a trade or professional body is a good thing for several reasons. First, it supports your ‘profession’ and a broader drive for continual improvement and best practice.  A professional community is like any community; it’s always great to feel you belong.  Equally important is that it makes a statement about you or your business; it says you are committed to standards, the best standards, and therefore it underpins your reputation. It is like a badge of quality.  

But there is another aspect behind a badge of membership. High on the agenda is the opportunity to collaborate, share knowledge and learn from others with different experiences and knowledge bases. Being an active member of APSCo creates these opportunities and gives us practical resources that help improve our business and, therefore, our services, team and operations.   To us, membership is as much about our clients and candidates as it is about us. It’s a mark that establishes trust, and that’s critical in starting and building any relationship - so making the most of our membership is worth every effort. 

So, what does membership practically mean to us and you? 

  1. We can reference global trends in talent and recruitment, so our clients and candidates are always at the forefront of the latest thinking. 
  2. We Keep in touch with policy and legislation, so we are always compliant and pass this security on to our clients and candidates. 
  3. We are connected to knowledge and insights from a diverse range of sectors and apply them to the property sector, so we all benefit from diverse experiences and thinking. 
  4. We have access to business services and thought leadership that helps drive continuous improvement that enhances our delivery to clients and candidates.  

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